Dog eat dog

Let there be Rock (AC/DC)

Well it´s a dog eat dog

Eat cat too

The French eat frog

And I eat you

Businessman, when you make a deal

Do you know who you can trust?

Do you sign your life away?

Do you write your name in dust?

Hey, hey, hey

Every dog has his day

It´s a dog eat dog

Dog eat dog "Dog eat dog"

Read the news

Someone win

Someone lose

Up´s above and down´s below

And limbo´s inbetween

Up you win, down you lose

It´s anybody´s game

And it´s a eye for eye

Tooth for tooth

It´s a lie

That´s the truth

See a blind man on the street

Looking for something free

Hear the kind man ask his friends

"Hey, what´s in it for me?"